The Summers Residence aka Rich Old Bearhunters Wacky Mansion is a publicly all day open 'look in', or strange museum of sorts, as time has stood still since 1912. And it still serves as short term accomodation for romantics and occasionally café.

In day-time a glowing jolly house with multilanguage library, soft chairs and stepdancing flies in the window frames.

At night-time a gloomy whispering house infected with sudden sounds of cracking wood and wild animal shrieks.

There are pee-pots under every bed.

Luckily the summer nights do not get very dark this far north. That makes it possible to rent for the more daring Vagabonds of the Northern Trail.

Double bed rooms are available for adults. Standards are the same as in the old bearhunters heydays. That is; drinkwater in cans, gas cooker, heating by stoves with firewood, cold cellar, battery driven lights and 4 seats pit privy. OBS! NO 230v electricity, of course, but charging possibilities, running water and shower 200 meters down at the farm. Parking just outside (in case of sudden escape).

Living rooms are to be shared with general visitors, but sleeping rooms go private and kitchen as well periodicly.

Some experience with old mansions and open fire is prefered. is social patience toward museum visitors and window glancers...

Beddings and towels NOK 90,- pro set. Only beddings NOK 75,- pro set.

Cleaning is based on the relativistic principle of 'leaving the house as you found it'.

15 june - 15 august

NOK 600,-

pro doubble room. 

NOK 200,-

pro extra room

Feel free to visit our contact page and contact us directly there

INCLUDES all the priveleges of 'VAGABONDS DAYPASS to OLDERNES' as seen here

...She Who Dares, Wins...