The obligatory 3 persons Daypass to campingservices INCLUDES;

§ lazy lakeside CAMP-SPOTS for campers and tents, with

§ NEW SANITARY SECTION with WC's and included SHOWERS to kindly share (or rather jump into the refreshing lake!)


§ ROWING BOATS when available, with life jackets (unpredictable wild lake!)

§ ANGLING LICENCE to exclusive Oldernes Angling Zone of 10 km shoreline 

§ access to 10+ km of lightfooted PATHWAYS in a National Forest Reserve to...

§ 10+ remote BEACHES with a mix of grinding stones and soft sandy bottom

§ access to Rich Old Bearhunters Micro MUSEUM with 

§ multilanguage LIBRARY, reading LONGUEs and licence to enjoy...

No reservation. Payment in cash, card or vipps

Vagabonds Daypass for up to 3 Persons;

NOK 300,-

Pro Exstra Person; 

NOK 50,-

Contact; or (+47) 951 444 37


In avoiding mass tourism and conserving the atmosphere, we run everything in small scale with most practics basic. WE HAVE HOWEVER INSTALLED A NEW SANITARY SECTION WITH 2 WC's AND 2 SHOWERS. Included in price and 'free', does not mean its free for us or the nature environment. So connect your actions into a bigger frame. Make it short and save the hot water (we do not want our wild surroundings covered with plastic polluting windmills, do we..?)

In addition we supply compost toilets on remote camp spots. Hot and Cold Water by dishwash sink, Trash Bins with basic sorting, Wifi and electricity is available

We sell Canned Water, Ice Cream 

You may call it simple, but everything is kept clean and in style, realisticly, -like in everyday life...

Due to FOREST FIRE DANGER, some activities and areas might be restricted or closed down in dry periods.

General FOREST RANGERs RULES are listed in daypass, and are better obeyed for maintaining your security and values.

...As Far As You Get...