'You may call it sparse and simple, but it's immensly spectacular, and whirls you into a monumental dreamscape of tranquility... only interupted by the dark howls of the sea monster in the dead of night, though'

This old expedition building of the steamship age (1870-1927) is still waiting for the ship to arrive. And it invites you to slow down and wait a bit yourself. Here, in this escape on the waters edge, glinting and smiling to the forever ongoing varieté of singing and dancing waves.

Equipped with the minimum of accessories you need for lazy living. That is; candlelights, gas cooker, basic kitchen gear, stove with firewood, drinkwater in cans (or from the perfectly clean lake) cold cellar, and outdoor compost toilet. OBS! NO ELECTRICITY, of course, but charging posibilities, running water and shower 200 meters away by the Reception. 

One family bunk bed (120cm & 75cm) and one dividable sleeping sofa (150cm). OBS! the cabin consists of two interconnected rooms wich might restrict privacy.

Best suited for 4 persons. Basic cleaning on you, on the relativistic principle; 'to leave the cabin as you found it'. Or cleaning on us; NOK 300,-

Beddings and towels pro set; NOK 90,- Or only beddings NOK 75,-. You are free to use your own beddings. Naked pillows and duvet available.

When depended on boat during your stay, make a noise and we will reserve. Electric motor are extra; NOK 100,- for approx 3 hours.

1 june - 1 october

Ground price one person;

NOK 750,-


Then NOK 50,- pro ekstra person up to 4 persons 

Cleaning by us; NOK 300,-

Calendar, more details and reservation;

Feel free to visit our contact page and contact us directly there

Price INCLUDES all the privileges of 'VAGABONDS DAYPASS to OLDERNES' as seen here;


...Resistance, Not Possible...